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2015 - Introduction of Inspection Day - Thursday 13th August.  1 - 4pm. 

Callowie are proud to introduce an inspection day to be held annually on the 2nd Thursday in August.  We have had many enquiries from both clients and non clients who would like an opportunity to view our sires prior to the on property auction without the pressure of a sale environment.  We welcome everyone to come and checkout our rams in this informal setting.  Richard, Jacquie and our trainee studmaster Angus are available for chat if you wish to know more.  All measurement figures will be availabe on the day.



August 2013 - Finalist in Australian Farmer of the Year competition (animal biosecurity).

It was very humbling to be nominated into the Australian Farmer of the Year competition under the animal biosecurity section, and it has been overwhelming to be informed that we have been chosen as one of three finalists in this competition.  We headed to Melbourne to be part of the awards dinner where we met some amazing amassadors in the agricultural industry.  Although we didn't come home as the final winner in our category (Congratulations to Huon Salmon in Tasmania), we will treasure the experience and look forward to continuing relationships with some of the wonderful people we met.    Click here to see the media release. 


Richard and Jacquie Halliday with Duncan Rowland - Animal Health Australia Biosecurity Manager and Animal Health Australia CEO, Kathleen Plowman.


Callowie - Getting back on track: 

July 2013 update:

With our lambs now dropped we can certainly start to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  It has been obvious that OJD is an area which creates alot of questions in livestock management, as we have been receiving numerous phonecalls enquiring not only about our situation, but also about people starting to think about their own biosecurity.  Because of this we felt it appropriate to put together an article with Ian Turner for publication in the Stock Journal.  Click here for our story.  We hope it has been of help to others and to also get the conversation started about the importance of biosecurity on our farms.


February 2013 update:


In July 2012 Callowie Poll Merino's was advised that a possible positive OJD result had been detected in our annual MAP survellience.

Upon notification Callowie Poll Merino's withdrew from further display and Field Day events in the 2012 season.

Confirmation of a positive OJD result came with autopsy identification of the suspected ewe. 

"Mallee Downs" was put under quarantine as per the SA Livestock Act 1997, and hence all livestock sales suspended unless to abattoir.  A "Property Management Plan" was developped and is currently in place.

Extensive testing on the remaining flock has been undertaken and has shown no further OJD detection.  Testing has also occurred on all stud sires sold in the past 2 years, and have also come back negative.

All ewes & lambs present in the mob with the detected ewe have been destocked, as have all older ewes.

All remaining stock have been vaccinated with 'Gudair', and Callowie will continue to vaccinate all livestock into the future.

All Ram sires that would have been for sale in 2012 have had to be sold to the abattoir - a very sad day for Callowie.


Now and into the Future:

With a glass half full attitude, Callowie have decided to move in a direction that preserves genetics and provides opporutnity for stud sire sales in the future. 

  •  300 ewes with a MN3 status and similar breeding and constitution to our own flock were purchased. 
  • These ewes have been vaccinated with 'Gudair" and are agisted off property.
  • They were Artificially Inseminated in Dec 2012 using semen from Callowie Poll Merino elite sires - Pugsley and Orange 3.  Although a rustic setting, Margie and her assistant from Brecon Breeders were extremely efficient.

Callowie are very excited about the future progeny outcomes from this venture.  Callowie Poll Merino's are working closely with PIRSA to deliver a top line of rams for sale in 2014.

Updates will be provided on the website as we progress along.  If you would like notification of when updates occur to this site, please Click here to send us an email.



Margie Trowbridge from Brecon Breeders - AI ewes.  Dec 2012


Stud Sires used.



Lots of Helpers for AI - Lunchtime.













2014 Rams



Entering Data at ram shearing

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