Ram Sales

2024 On Property Ram Sale

Monday 26th August 2024.

Inspection from 1030am.
Sale starts at 1pm (SA time).



Callowie Poll Merino Ram Sale

2023 On Property Ram Sale

28th August 2023

Congratulations and a big thankyou to all bidders and purchasers.
Top priced sires purchased were by Cove Station and B & K Staude.

Sale Results:  40 sold from 64 offerred
Average price: $1300
Top Price: $2,200 x2


“I first saw Callowie Poll Merino rams at the Broken Hill Ag Fair when we were looking to swing to Poll Merinos, and was impressed with their combination of excellent wool quality and good body size.

We are very happy with the results from the Callowie genetics. We are consistently achieved over 100% lambing with good early growth in the lambs. We have retained our body size, which influences sale prices for surplus and cast for age sheep. Our wool has improved as well, with a lowering of microns, plus an increase in wool cut and yield, while also being softer handling.

The Callowie rams are giving us a very good total package.”

Keith Nutt, Orroroo SA

Past Sale Results

May 16 2023

2022 On-Property Sale Report

2022 On Property Ram Sale was held on Monday 22nd August. 41 Rams sold out of 59, with a $1516 ave. Lot 2 was the top priced ram sold and for $2800 to long standing client Cove Station.

Callowie Poll Merinos

Aug 29 2021

2021 On-Property Sale Report

2021 On-Property Ram Sale Sale Summary Offered 58 Sold 31 Top $3,000 Average $1,393

2020 On-Property Sale Report

2020 On-Property Ram Sale Sale Summary Offered 53 Sold 30 Top $4,600 Average $1,305