Sale Reports

Top price Callowie Ram 2019 - sold to Cove Station for $5,000.

2019 On-Property Sale Report

The absence of a few long-term station buyers did not hinder the result at the Callowie Poll Merino annual on-property sale on Monday, with the sale averaging $2102, a significant improvement on last year’s average of $1442.
The Halliday family sold 42 of 50 rams offered to a top of $5000, and welcomed four new buyers on the day, who all made purchases.

2018 On-Property Sale Report

BUYERS were spoilt for choice at Callowie Poll Merino stud’s annual on-property auction at Bordertown on Monday with a top line-up of large-framed, medium wool, heavy-cutting rams.
The average was up nearly $250 on 2017 but still represented some of the 2018 Merino ram selling season’s best value buying.