On-Property Ram Sales

2018 Ram Sale:

Inspection Day Thursday 9th August.  1 - 4pm.

On Property Ram Sale:  Monday 27th August.  Inspection from 11am.  Sale starts at 1pm.

Website Sale Ram Information available here.


2017 On Property Ram Sale:

Monday 28th August.

Angus and Thomas Halliday holding the top priced rams purchased by Cove Station.

2017 Sale Summary

Offerred     49
Sold         43
Top Price   $3500
Average    $ 1195

Sale Summary Report




 Long time client, Keith Nutt, ready for the ride home with his purchases from the 2017 sale.



2016 On Property Ram Sale

Monday 22nd August 2016.

Volume buyers at the Callowie sale.
Angus, Richard, Rex Anderson & Robert Giles (Pitlochry Station), Thomas, Jacquie and David Jaensch (Cove Station).

2016 Sale Summary

Offerred     42
Sold          26
Top Price   $1700 (x2)
Average    $ 942

2016 Sale Summary ->> Click here for full report.

Sale Information.

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2015 On Property Ram Sale

Monday 24th August 2015


2015 Sale Summary

Offerred      45
Sold           28
Top Price    $2300
Average     $1039


2015 Sale Summary ->> Click here for full details

->>Ram Sale catalogue




2014 On-Property Ram Sale

Monday 25th August. 

Keith Nutt returns to Callowie Poll Merinos On Property Ram Auction.

Sale Summary:

Offerred         30 Rams
Sold              25 Rams
Top Price       $2800
Average        $988

2014 On Property Sale Report - >>Click here for full report.

>>2014 Ram Sale Catalogue 


 2011 Annual On-Property Ram Sale

Monday 15th August 2011.

Sale Summary:
Offered          50
Sold              43
Top               $3100
Average        $1353

2011 On Property Sale....>>click here for full report

2011 Ram Sale Catalogue... >>2011 Catalogue


2010 On-Property Ram Sale

Sale Summary:
Offered          50
Sold              37
Top               $2,100
Average         $857

>> 2010 Sale Report...





2017 Sale Day Line Up



Cove Station



Pilochery Station


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