See what some of our clients say about Callowie Poll Merinos.


Keith Nutt Orroroo, SA

Ben Dunstall, Cove Station - Telopea Downs, Vic.



Keith Nutt - Orroroo, SA.

Keith Nutt

Keith Nutt runs 2000 Merinos, including 800 breeding ewes at Orroroo in South Australia’s Mid North. Since 2006 he has been sourcing his rams from the Halliday family’s Callowie Poll Merino stud at Bordertown.

“I first saw Callowie Poll Merino rams at the Broken Hill Ag Fair when we were looking to swing to Poll Merinos, and was impressed with their combination of excellent wool quality and good body size. 

We are very happy with the results from the Callowie genetics. We are consistently achieved over 100% lambing with good early growth in the lambs. We have retained our body size, which influences sale prices for surplus and cast for age sheep. Our wool has improved as well, with a lowering of microns, plus an increase in wool cut and yield, while also being softer handling. 

The Callowie rams are giving us a very good total package,” Keith Nutt said.




Ben Dunstall, "Cove Station" - Telopea Downs, Vic.

Ben Dunstall, "Cove Station".


Along with his family, Ben Dunstall runs Cove Station, a 3200 hectare farming property at Dinyarrak, near Telopea Downs and the SA border in Victoria.

In 2006 they diversified into sheep from a previously total cropping program with the purchase of 1000 Merino ewes that were mated to Border Leicesters. The next year they moved from this crossbreeding program to a mainly self replacing Merinos and sourced rams from Callowie. They now run 1500 ewes with two thirds being mated to Callowie Poll Merinos and one third to terminal prime lamb sires.

“Since we ventured into the self replacing Merino sheep breeding enterprise we have sourced Poll Merino rams from Richard and Jacquie Halliday at Callowie. Their genetics are doing an exceptional job for us and we are very happy with the results we are getting. They have very good growth rates, producing big robust sheep at maturity. We are not only cutting 6kg/head of skirted wool, but they also comb very well and our shearers are happy – we have no problems with them.

Richard’s after sale’s service is also outstanding. He classed our ewes in the beginning to tidy up the flock and still does it. It is good to deal with someone who has good genetics and a genuine passion for breeding Poll Merinos”, Ben Dunstall said.